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    Our jewelry is carved by traditional people of natural materials.  Our materials are beautiful and organic, and we support the crafts of culture, while improving the quality of lives and providing healthy, happy jobs.

 Your purchase of fair-trade carved jewelry from Western Bohemian supports traditional families and their time-honored artistic traditions. Yours is a choice to purchase a product produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Organic, Natural & Fair-Trade Carved Jewelry 
All of our carved jewelry and earrings are Fair-Trade, hand-carved traditional artisans from only Eco-Friendly natural materials. All our Materials are responsibly harvested. We work directly with the crafts people to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Carved Horn Jewelry | Horn Earrings

specializing in Carved Natural Jewelry, wood earrings & carved bone pendants from the Mystic island of Bali 


wood earrings
bone earrings
carved earrings


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​​Horn Jewelry | GARUDA & Western Bohemian